Game Plan

We are a film company producing a documentary in Yorkshire.

One of our projects is an exposé of corruption in grassroots football. This will be released to coincide with the FIFA World Cup build up.

People within West Riding County Football Association have already shared concerning stories, and we seek to encourage more people to reveal any new evidence or add corroboration to our existing storylines.

There is a compensation pot of up to £20,000 available to reward the integrity of those coming forward with usable evidence.

We are working with WhistleblowersUK, a charity that provides moral support for whistleblowers and ensures any individual is fully protected by the law.

We are already investigating a suspended referee and a 15 year old from a football club in Huddersfield. We are particularly keen to source new evidence of collusion, bullying, poor moral choices and examples of when the WRCFA has damaged minors to protect its own reputation.

If you think you may be able to help, we will guarantee anonymity and protect our sources.

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